Visit les Dominicains this Summer

Location Former Dominican convent in Guebwiller (68)

Come and discover a wonderful piece of heritage this summer: a former Dominican convent, now a cultural centre. The programme includes: audio guided visits, digital installations, 360° projections, unique sensory experiences, cooking workshops, musical siestas, treasure hunts for children...

Beautiful Sundays ! 
Come and enjoy this place with family and friends! Bring your food and have a picnic or book a salad, visit the garden and help yourself to aromatic herbs.Take part in a cooking workshop. And the must: a first-class international musical siesta in the cool of the great nave - get cosy in a deck-chair or in a hammock surrounded by frescoes and enjoy the company of amazing musicians whose music will resound through the incredible acoustics of the place.

The Café Séraphin
If you want to have a drink or eat a cookie, meet friends in the afternoon or relax, come and discover our Café Séraphin at the summer refectory. With its retro pop atmosphere, it is a place where to spend time with others and in which you can actively take part: make your own coffee and leave a coin in the stork money box. Read More in French

Digital installations
La Joie du poisson / Immersive mapping of the Lower Choir Read More in French

Reading room / Neo-Gothic Chapel Read More in French

Sacristie 7.1 / Sacristy Read More in French

Camera Obscura - Le Chat qui a perdu son vignoble - Garden Shed Read More in French

Sauvages & Gourmandes cooking workshops 2pm (lasts 1h30)
Upon reservation only - € 5
Cécile Billard will help you unveil every little secret of the plants in the garden (In French)
1 July: Introduction to fresh plant pesto, made of aromatic leaves chosen and picked from the garden
15 July: Sauvages & Gourmandes will disclose its magic formulas: you will prepare plant syrups during this family workshop - and you get to keep our own syrup!
22 July: Beverages with unexpected properties, herbal teas will reveal their mysteries: their drying off, conservation, uses... After a tasting session, choose your own plants and herbs to infuse.
29 July: Dried aromatic plants become condiments: discover all the different ways to make your own pot of flavoured salt.

Musical siestas 4pm (last 1h15)
Upon reservation only € 15: full price € 5.50: reduced price (students, under 18 y.o., out-of-work welfare benefit beneficiaries, job seekers and disabled people)
1 July
Les Harpes de Sasha
From Chopin to Stravinsky, exploring Scorpion and Nirvana Read More in French
8 July Kapsber'girls
Roman refrains from the 17th century Read More in French
15 July
A Bocca Chiusa
From Clément Janequin to the Beach Boys Read More in French
22 July
Eyjólfur Eyjólfsson
The Viking with the velvety voice  A journey to the land of geysers on the notes of the velvety voice of a Viking Read More in French
29 July
Saudaá Group 
Barrel organ and Lebanese violin Read More in French

*Because of concerts at 4pm, no installation or room will be accessible.